Veigadares (Veiga of Ares) initiates its history in the year 1995. There were many expectations around a Galician wine that was initiated in the fermentation in oak barrels, as well as aII the effort of the winemakers to compete in a setting where the best variety of the white wines didn't include the consent of the aging in the bottle. And it became a real phenomenon. With Veigadares transcending the culture of the wine, the wine formed a culture where the land and the art of the cultivation were being acquired by nature. Today another Veigadares is bom and it wants to take up its classical spirit and elements of the past. It wants to transmit the concept of humanity and its artisan proximity; speaking of the past; but dreaming of the future.

Vineyard of Almuiña:for the elaboration of Veigadares, the grapes selected for the vineyards are employed by the Pazo de Almuina, situated in O Arbo (O Condado) that includes a surface of 24 hectares. This manor mansion, protagonist of these vineyards, forms part of the Galician patrimony and raises itself in the old Camino ReaI that unites the south of Galicia with the Peninsula. Since the beginning, this was dedicated to agricultural activities and thus detaching from the word Almuiña, which proceeds from the Arabian etymology and signifies yard. Even, the Celtic derivation of "muin" signifies vine and is linked directly to the cultivation of the grape.



Bright golden yellow color with lemon hints.


Intense and elegant aromas with hints of ripe and tropical fruits (pineapple, passion fruit, apples and lime) and aromatic herbs, as well as a delicate vanilla and wood perfume given by the barrel.


lt is dry in the mouth, well- balanced and full- bodied. lts persistence and complexity makes Veigadares harmoniously rounded, ending with a long and fruity aftertaste.


D.O.: Rías Baixas
Grape Variety: 85% Albariño, 10% Treixadura and 10% loureira
Fermentation: Stainless steel vats with temperature control
Ageing: Approximately 6 months in French and American oak barrels
Gastronomy: Seafood, shellfish, poultry, rice, mild cheese.
Serve at: 10-12º

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