Pazo de Almuiña


The Pazo de Almuiña (1665) - a “pazo” is a “manor house” - is located in the municipality of Arbo, at the foot of the “Camino Real” that united the south of Galicia with the interior of the peninsula. A few steps from the Pazo can be found the remains of the Roman road; and in the patio of the house is the only interior “hórreo” - a typical, raised, stone granary - that exists in the world. The singularity of its location is due to the particular use to which it was put: cereal was never stored in it, but lampreys, a local delicacy.

Its original name, "Al-münya", of Arabic origin, means “vegetable garden” or “orchard”, witness to a past linked to agriculture. Its Celtic derivation, "muin" (grapevine) testifies to the presence of wine at the Pazo from the time of its construction. Thus its essence remains intact, as does its noble and lordly past that lives on today as it waits to welcome visitors.

Part of Galicia's heritage, surrounded by vineyards, fluvial beaches, Roman and Templar remains ... the Pazo de Almuiña is the perfect place to enjoy the wines of Adegas Galegas.

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